For Parents: FAQ's

What does One-to-One mean?

One-to-One simply means that each 3rd to 5th grade student will receive a district owned iPad to use at school and at home during the school year.

What does Full Access mean?

Full Access means that each Kindergarten through 2nd grader will receive a district own iPad to use at school.

Why is Millard Public Schools deploying iPads to each student at the elementary level?

The specific result of Strategy 2.6 of Millard Public School’s’ previous Strategic Plan called to “Expand use of and access to interactive tools and technology to support and improve PK-12 learning and innovation.”

Strategy 2 of Millard Public School’s current Strategic Plan calls to “...develop and implement plans to differentiate and expand our instructional delivery systems to meet each student’s needs in a changing world.” Deploying iPads to each elementary student will support the specific results of Strategies 2.2 and 2.4 “Maximize personalized learning to meet the diverse academic needs of all students.” and “Engage in innovative practices to maximize learning for students and staff” respectively.

How does deploying iPads to each elementary student support the Millard Educational Program?

The elementary iPad deployment supports our Millard Educational Program by helping us ensure that students meet the the College and Career Readiness Skills of Citizenship, Collaboration, Critical thinking, and Creativity to better compete in the 21st Century. Through the implementation and integration of technology teachers will augment, modify, and redefine instruction transforming how students learn. Personalizing learning through innovative practices and expanded opportunities for all students.

How is the Millard Public Schools funding the elementary iPad deployment?

The elementary iPad deployment, including the future replacement costs, is equal to what the District currently budgets for student technology. The Millard Public Schools Foundation provided additional financial support for the elementary iPad implementation.

What will be the model of the elementary iPad students will be receiving?

Students will receive either an Apple iPad 6th or 7th generation that supports a stylus. The iPad will be protected with a case provided by the District.

Will elementary students be able to take their iPads home?

Students in grades 3 through 5 will be able to take their iPads home. Students in grades K through 2, the iPads will remain at school.

What software and applications will be installed on the elementary student iPads?

Students will only be allowed to install District approved apps through the Jamf School app on the iPad. The App Store will not be available to students. The iPads will operate using the iOS system and have a wide-range of educational software and applications such as Numbers, Pages, Clips, Seesaw, and the Google Suite. Based upon the content area and grade level additional software and applications will be reviewed for approval and installed as needed.

What do students and parents need to do in order to receive a elementary iPad?

For students in grades K through 2, parents will not need to do anything prior to the deployment since the iPads will remain at school. Teachers will continue to educate students on the safe and appropriate use of technology through digital citizenship lessons and classroom expectations.

For students in grades 3 through 5, prior to allowing iPads to go home with students, parents/guardians will be required sign and return a MPS Loan Agreement and a MPS Cooperative Loss form to their student’s school. This will be completed during the online enrollment process or through the school's main office.

How does the MPS Cooperative Loss program work?

Participation in this program is voluntary. The form must be completed and marked “Yes” or “No” before the iPad will be loaned to the student. This program covers the iPad loaned to the student against accidental damage. Total value will be determined by the District at the time of loss or damage. Refer to the iPad One-to-One Repair Costs document for a list of charges.

If my student’s iPad needs to be repaired, how long could he or she be without an iPad?

The expected turnaround time for iPad repair varies depending on the incurred damage. If a repair will take longer than two school days, students may check out a temporary iPad from the school's library.

Will students receive a new iPad each year?

Elementary students will keep the same iPad from grades 2 through 5. Upon entering the 6th grade, students will begin participating in the secondary one-to-one laptop program.

How will my students know which iPad belongs them?

Each iPad is identified and configured for an individual student and only that person can login into that iPad. The name of the student will be displayed on the iPad's lock screen. iPads will be issued in a protective iPad case.

Can students choose not to participate in the One-to-One deployment?

Yes, but it is not recommended. Please be warned that teachers will be teaching utilizing software and systems optimized for a One-to-One learning environment and your child may be at a disadvantage by having limited access.

If students choose not to participate, can they bring their own iPads or computers to school?

No, since we are providing each student with a iPad it is not necessary for students to bring their own devices. License agreements do not allow the District to load software on personal iPads or computers. To protect instructional bandwidth and network security we limit/restrict outside devices.

Will students be allowed to use their own case on the school iPads?

No. iPad cases were selected by Millard Public Schools due to the sturdiness, dependability, design, warranty, and effectiveness at protecting the iPad. If a student requires a case beyond the standard, this should be submitted to helpdesk by the school teacher librarian.

Will students be able to access the Internet on the elementary student iPads?

Yes, they will be able to access the Internet anytime there is an available WiFi connection.

Is content filtered on the elementary student iPads when they are connected to the Internet?

Yes, each iPad is filtered for inappropriate content and always passes through the District’s filtering appliance when connected to the Internet no matter the location (e.g., school, home, public wifi).

Students Using the Content Keeper (District Filter) At Home?

The District's filter is automatically enabled on the iPad, regardless if the iPad is in District or at home. For troubleshooting issues, please follow the instructions listed here.

How do I learn more about keeping my student safe online?

To learn more about Internet safety, students and parents may visit the following website:

What happens if my student transfers schools within Millard Public Schools?

If a student transfers to another school in Millard, the District will move the iPad to their new classroom to ensure that the iPad is still available to the student and configured correctly.

May students personalize their iPads?

No, students are not to personalize or embellish the iPads with stickers, covers, cases, writing, or other identifying features. The District does configure each iPad so it is easily identifiable by the student.

Students are able to download District approved applications from the Jamf School app. The District does not allow students to install their own applications.

Why is it important to keep my login credentials/password a secret?

Students should never share their login credentials/passwords. Login credentials can be used to access more than just the iPad/computer (Email, Synergy, etc.), sharing login credentials opens students up to privacy issues.

What do I do if I suspect my student’s login credentials or password changed or if they are no longer secret?

Please contact your child’s teacher, school librarian, or building principal.

How do teachers and students secure iPads while at school (i.e. lunch, recess, etc)?

Students should treat iPads like any other valuables they bring to school. Students should keep iPads in their possession when possible and do not leave them unattended. If students are in classes that leave for lunch or another activity, check with the teacher to make sure the classroom or iPads will be secure. Elementary classrooms have iPad carts or iPad vaults where students will secure and charge their iPads when they are not in use. The District asks that students keep their iPads off the floor and away from food and drink.

What happens if student’s iPad is lost, stolen, or damaged?

Immediately contact your building principal, classroom teacher, or the school librarian and submit a Helpdesk ticket at If the iPad is powered on and connected to WiFi, the District is able to locate the device. This will work if the device is inside or outside of the District's network. If the iPad is not recovered a replacement may be provided and a fee incurred.

What is Google Drive?

Google Drive is a file storage and synchronization service created by Google. Google Drive encompasses Google Docs, Sheets, Classroom, and Slides, an office suite that permits collaborative editing of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, forms, and more.

When should my student use Google Drive?

The District recommends students use Google Drive whenever possible to store files. This allows for unlimited storage that can be accessed anytime an Internet connection is available. Another benefit of using Google Drive is that you can login and access these stored files from a home computer or personal device if necessary.